Sally Dress Take 1

I’m late to this party but I finally got around to sewing the Sally Dress by Very Shannon.  This dress is amazing and so much fun.  It’s beautiful inside and outside.  Not a single exposed seam whether you sew it with sleeves or without!  It doesn’t have any closures so it’s very simple (but you’ll want to make sure you add a tag so that your poor daughter doesn’t keep putting it on backwards).  Of course, the front and back pattern pieces are the same, it’s just pocket placement and embellishments that make the front different.  I used a fabric marker to put my name and a heart in the back so Miss can easily tell which side is which when she’s getting dressed.

I’ve made two of these dresses and you’d hardly know they were from the same pattern.  The first is made with sleeves and sateen.  It gives it a dressier feel but it’s still easy to wear.  I’m sorry the pictures aren’t very good.  The weather has been very sad and drizzly around here so I’m working in very low light.

Under the dress, she is wearing her petticoat.  That thing sure has been getting a LOT of mileage.  I also made a pair of bloomers because it just seemed like the thing to do.  The bloomers are cinched in at the knee with lace that is threaded with thin pink ribbon and tied in bows at the side.  They have an elastic waistband and are very easy to wear.  I can foresee that she’ll be wearing these a lot with many things this summer.

The dress’s sleeves are edged with coral cotton and topstitched to add a bit of color to the otherwise monochrome dress.  I made the skirt extra full and cut two panels selvedge to selvedge.  This thing practically stands up on it’s own!  I omitted the pockets and lined the hem withe eyelet to give the whole thing a dressier feel.

Some photos of another way we’ve worn the bloomers.  I paired them with this darling eyelet top from GapKids.

I know they’re not Sally Dress related but I needed an excuse to share them.

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