Moda Howdy for Threads and Stitches

I got a chance to sew up this sweet set from Moda.  It’s a 1 yard panel printed with all sorts of goodies for you to cut and sew. It includes this doll, bandana, quilt with backing, hobby horse and several other fun items.

My daughter actually helped me make all of these.  I sewed and she stuffed and trimmed threads and, of course, she played with them.  She had the clever idea of turning the hobby horse into a fun pencil topper.

She pulled out all of her homemade dolls and took them outside to play after deciding that the new doll’s name was Maria.


Her note has a picture of Duchess, Hare and Maria playing ring around the rosie with Poney in the middle.  It reads, “Duchess and hair and Poney and maria BFFS forever.

blogrocksMaria and Duchess and Hare like to collect rocks.  These are the most beautiful of the rock collection, in fact, one of them is a rare jewel that Duchess may put into her crown.

They sit around and tell each other stories.  Duchess and Hare particularly like the story of how Maria and Poney fought off the alien invaders that were trying to capture Duchess and Hare.

Stories always make Hare sleepy, so she laid down in Duchess’s lap and closed her eyes.

Then Poney joined her, followed by Duchess and Maria.


Then she joined in.  Few things are nicer than a late afternoon nap in the summer shade.

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