Center of Attention Inspiration

UPDATE*  Pattern now available here

Yesterday, I released my second pattern under my own label.  I wanted to share a bit with you, today, about my inspirations.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I love vintage.  I have a vintage pattern collection, a vintage toy collection, a vintage board on Pinterest… you get the idea.

I’ve seen many patterns with unique bodice details and I loved the idea of this yellow one.  This cute little paper doll is from a set that I have by Queen Holden.  Nursery School Dolls has 5 different dolls in it and so many adorable outfits, but this yellow one has always had my heart.  I loved that dipped bodice detail, right from the start.

There have been a few other dresses that have come across my path over the years that have had similar details and I love them all.  While I was going through my pins, I noticed how similar many of them were and I knew that I had to embrace it.

These two dresses have high yokes and, while I love that, I feel that it doesn’t suit older girls as well as it suits littler ones.  Few things are cuter than a toddler belly under a high yoked dress, don’t get me wrong, but my 7.5 year old usually rolls her eyes at me if I suggest that style anymore.  Why do they grow up?

So, when I ran across these dresses, I knew what I had to do.  I just had to add it to the bottom of the bodice!  I did keep the bodice shorter than waist length, but with the center scoop, it just kisses the navel.  I get the sweet high bodice I want and Miss too old for baby dresses, still gets to feel grown up.


I really liked the lack of gathering on the front of the blue dress, but, I knew the dress would need to be longer to fit the modern needs of fashion.  And even though I love puffed sleeves, I felt a more modern sleeve held more of the look of the original yellow dress that I was going for.

So, there’s a little bit of several vintage styles in there!  The set in sleeve of the 20’s pattern, the bodice detail of the 40’s pattern, the U shape of the 50’s illustration… All wrapped together to bring you the Center of Attention Pattern!


It’s still on sale today for only $5.  The sale ends on Wednesday, so scoop it up while you can.  If you sew one up, I’d love to see you share it in the facebook group.



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