Inspiration: Free Spirit pdf pattern

UPDATE*  Pattern now available here

Since I first launched my own brand I’ve considered offering a free pattern (for a limited time).  I know how wary people can be of new companies and they want a sample of the goods before they spend their hard earned money on something new.  This is true of all things from cookie brands to restaurants to pdf patterns.  So, with that in mind, I kept an eye out for details that would not only be simple to draft, but also be simple to sew AND make a unique and easily wearable garment.

When I ran across this photo from while browsing Pinterest, I knew that I wanted to incorporate that large keyhole into my free pattern.  It would be cute, easy to sew, and eliminate the need for zippers or buttons if the final garment had enough ease.


I drafted my keyhole very similarly, but mine is a bit wider at the bottom and narrower at the top.  While the above one is more heart shaped, Free Spirit’s is more of a tear drop.  Ok, so I wanted to add something to jive with my vintage vibe and I knew it had to be pin tucks.  Nothing feels more vintage and feminine than pin tucks.


Of course, pin tucks aren’t always fast.  So, I made mine 1/4″ wide which I always find to be easier to sew than smaller tucks.  I also made them optional so that the sewing could be even faster if desired!


So many patterns in the 50s feature dolman sleeves!  It was a very popular style then and I thought it would be a sweet addition to this look and what’s simpler than no sleeve?  A dolman sleeve!

So, I drafted up the pattern and started doing my muslins to check fit.  During one of my breaks I was searching Pinterest for Boho inspiration for week 3 of Project Run and Play, and this dress from Soor Ploom came across my feed.  Imagine my surprise when it was basically the dress I’d just drafted.  There are some differences, like the size of the keyhole, number of pleats, overall ease, and sleeve length.  It’s funny how inspiration works sometimes.


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