Sewing: Flower Girl Dress

About a year ago, my husband and daughter were a good friend's wedding.  I offered to make a dress for my daughter to wear.  I was sent some photos, we chatted and I designed this dress for the wedding. It started out as a Violette Field Threads Cosette hack, but I literally changed every pattern… Continue reading Sewing: Flower Girl Dress

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Tutorial: How to make a button on apron

I released a free scalloped apron in my shop here and realized it would be so simple to make it button on instead of tie.  My daughter doesn't like ties in the back because they're uncomfortable, so she requested that her apron button like this one and this one. In fact, I used the same fabric… Continue reading Tutorial: How to make a button on apron


Inspiration: Petit Four pdf pattern

UDATE*  Pattern now available here When I'm beginning to design a pattern, I often start with piece that greatly inspires me and then I start putting other things that are similar or that I feel will work with the original inspiration into a folder.  I like to see things together because it helps me find… Continue reading Inspiration: Petit Four pdf pattern