A Little Apron Dress

I’ve slowly been working on migrating all of my old blog posts over.  I ran across this one and, since it inspired one of my current projects, decided to share it here.  This one is from 2013!  you can see the original post here or you can read it below.  Enjoy!


I am in love with apron dresses.  I seem to have several in the closet every season.  When I saw Sarah Jane’s Out to Sea Map fabric I KNEW it had to be made into an apron dress.  My daughter picked out the mermaid fabric to compliment it and my son picked the yellow stripe for the top.  I absolutely love how it all came together.

I drafted the pattern using my daughter’s measurements.  The front and back bodice are the same shape, but the back is a bit higher.  It was actually quite simple.  Unfortunately, I cut the sash wrong and had to add extra to it so it looks a little odd.  I was out of fabric to just cut a new length, though.  All in all, I think it looks okay 🙂

I had this all cut out but managed to get it sewn together during Elsie Marley’s KCW.  She’s kicking off the summer event soon too.  July 15-21.

homemade 11

homemade 12


The straps button on the back.  The button is easily moved down to lengthen the straps when she grows.

homemade 13

This is what happened when I told her to stand nicely so that I could see how the dress hung.

homemade 16

The apron is removable.  This way it’s like two dresses in one!  The apron is held on by three buttons.  I have some other fabric in this collection and I’m considering making interchangeable aprons.

I felt fancy with the hem and did two lines of this quilting stitch.  It seemed to fit the water theme well.  Unfortunately, I’ll regret this decision when it’s time to let the hem down.  I’ll have to plop down in front of the television with my seam ripper.

homemade 17

It’s 3 year old approved!

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