Tutorial: How to make a button on apron

I released a free scalloped apron in my shop here and realized it would be so simple to make it button on instead of tie.  My daughter doesn’t like ties in the back because they’re uncomfortable, so she requested that her apron button like this one and this one.

In fact, I used the same fabric for this apron as I did in 2013 when I made my very first apron dress.  It’s always fun to revisit an idea.


After you download the free pattern, cut out the waistband pieces and the apron pieces according to the pattern.  The modifications are simple.  If you don’t want a scalloped apron, just sew the aprons, right sides together, along the sides and bottom.  Leave the top open for turning.

apron tutorial

Right sides together, sew the two waistbands from one short end along the top and down the other end.  Leave the bottom open for turning.  Fold one part of the open side under 1/2″.

apron tutorial 5

Gather the top of the skirt and pin it to the unfolded edge of the waistband, adjusting the gathers as necessary.  Sew the apron to the waistband.

apron tutorial 4 Fold the folded edge of the waistband over to enclose the apron.  I like to use a glue stick here.  Threads and Stitches has these great glue stick pens.  They won’t gum up your needle and they wash right out, but provide great staying power for basting.

Sew right along the folded edge to secure the waistband.

apron tutorial 3

apron tutorial 2

Mark  and sew your buttonholes.  I marked mine 1/2″ from the edge and right in the center.

apron tutorial 1

Lay the apron over your dress to mark the button placement and sew on your buttons!  Easy!  Now, go enjoy your fun new apron.



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