Sewing: Flower Girl Dress

About a year ago, my husband and daughter were in a good friend’s wedding.  I offered to make a dress for my daughter to wear.  I was sent some photos, we chatted and I designed this dress for the wedding.


It started out as a Violette Field Threads Cosette hack, but I literally changed every pattern piece to get the look and fit that I wanted.  I think the only thing that stayed the same was width of the back piece.


The dress is made from a rayon blend linen and imported laces ordered from several shops on etsy (I wish I’d blogged about this last year when I still had the links!).  The flowers on the front are a floral trim that I cut apart so that I could use each flower separately.  Each flower is sewn onto the front of the dress by hand using small coral seed beads to secure it.


The straps have soft pleated lace sewn in the seam and they button in the back.  I wish I’d added more length to the straps because then I could lengthen them and she could wear the dress this year if she wanted.


The whole dress is lined in cotton batiste to help keep it from itching, but after the wedding she wanted to change out of it anyway because she said the straps were itchy.  If I’d fully lined them instead of folding them over, that probably would have eliminated that issue.  If I’d chosen a different linen, it probably would have been okay, but this one has all of the natural texture in it, and is a bit itchier than most linen.


I made it longer than most of my dresses because it was for a formal occasion and I knew she wouldn’t be doing much romping around or playing while she was in the wedding.  I know it’s still not long, but it’s longer than I typically make them.  The bride also requested a shorter dress for the same reason.  She’s a school teacher and knows that little girls like to play.  She wanted Little Miss not to miss out on any fun because she was wearing a full length gown.

I think this is one of my favorite things I’ve sewn to date.  It’s a very simple dress, but it’s the fabric choices and embellishments that make it special.  I think I’ll be keeping this one forever.

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