Photography: WILD

While I’m busy drafting, sewing, adjusting muslins, testing, fielding emails, answering questions via PM, and otherwise occupied with the business, my daughter gets to free range.  At the end of the week, her hair may or may not have been combed and she probably has a cheeto beard, but she’s happy.  My living room is a mess and all the crackers, bologna and lunchables are gone, but it’s a balance that works for us.  I usually take the weekends off to recover the house and reconnect with the family.  My husband and I joke that our daughter “has gone feral”.  That one phrase, so often thrown around the house inspired this photo shoot.

Sometimes, I need to take the time to do something purely creative for me.  For nothing but the pure joy of creativity.  At those times, everything but joy is washed away and I am free to be me.  Often weird, a little on the edge, and probably not your style, but I have to let my freak flag fly sometimes.

Kids play hard.  Kids don’t like to take time out to groom or bathe.  Kids collect sticks.  Kids are the undomesticated humans of the past and we struggle every day to domesticate them.

Here is my daughter.  She is fierce.  She is WILD.

The first in the photoshoot is Wild.
The second in the sieges is Fierce.
The third in the series is Brave.
The fourth in the series is Courage.













Disclaimer*  no children were actually feral during this photo shoot.  At no point in time did I fear for my life (except when I said “awwwwww” and then the wild golden beast would growl).  I sewed nothing in this photo, but she and I did sharpen and sand sticks and make other awesome weapons for protection in the wild.

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