Inspiration: Love Pattern #9

UDATE*  Pattern now available here

I’ve had a long standing love affair with play suits.  I even owned a couple of vintage seersucker ones when I younger.  I know that bubble rompers aren’t popular for older children or women right now, but they’ll always have a place in my heart.

Using the 50’s playsuit as a jumping off point, I designed Love Pattern #9.  I started playing around with the bodice styles and realized I’d drafted up a dress for my daughter last year (which I don’t seem to have posted anywhere.  She only wore it once before she spilled chocolate all over it) that would work well for the bodice.  So, I pulled that up and tweaked it a bit and added a romper…and…and…we have Love Pattern #9.

My daughter had a couple skirted rompers when she was little, and I LOVED the look.  The super short little skirt is so cute on chunky little legs, but it works for older girls too.

All of the ones my daughter had when she was littler had elastic backs.  I really liked that because it meant that she would most likely be able to wear it at the end of the summer.  I like summer clothes that aren’t outgrown by the time summer ends and ones that aren’t too big at the beginning of summer.  I had quite a few hand me down dresses when I was a kid in the early 80’s that had tie straps like Love Pattern #9.  It adds another bit of flexibility in fit.  The straps are fairly narrow, so they stay tied well.

Because there were several other similar patterns out there, I added several neck options.  A sweetheart, a straight and a V option.  This means that you can get a whole family’s worth of looks from one pattern.

The woman in blue is rocking that bubble!
If you leave out the elastic on the romper, you get a more grownup shorts look which is really cute and liked more by older girls.

Because rompers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea (my daughter hates them because she doesn’t like to sit practically naked in the restroom), I also added a vintage length skirt for those who want a simple sundress.
Duchess and Hare Love Pattern Number nineI had these wings from Land of Nod pinned for a while and had been intending to make a pair similar for my daughter but…
Land of Not Dress up Wings
I bought a Well Dressed Wolf set that had wings structured similarly.  My daughter loved them so much that she asked me to make them for her in all the colors.

Well Dressed Wolf Flora Fairy DressI didn’t really care for the the shape of the ones I bought..  They seemed too square to me.  They also had a teeny tiny little button hole to connect it to the dress and it was a nightmare to get the wings off and on. I made a few changes for both aesthetics and functionality.  They were much simpler than the ones from Land of Nod and I loved the sheer floaty look they got from the silk they were made out of.

I thought they were sweet paired with the simple silhouette so I paired them with Love Pattern #9.

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