Inspiration: Runaround Romper

UPDATE*  Pattern now available here

I wrote about my love of vintage playsuits in my previous blog post.  So you may already know that I love “vintage short”.  All of my dresses would hit mid thigh if I could get away with it.  Besides being cute, it allows my daughter to play however she wants without her clothes slowing her down.  She likes to wear dresses, but she often goes with shorts because her dress catches under her knees when she’s crawling around pretending to be a wild animal or it sometimes trips her up while she’s riding her bike.  I’m a firm believer in sewing what will be worn, so I design my clothes with that in mind.

Vintage dresses were designed to be short, often with bloomers underneath.  Extra full circle skirts are particularly nice paired with bloomers and were very popular in the 50’s.


Girl’s love twirly dresses.  Twirling shows underpants which can be embarrassing for older girls like my daughter.  She often wears bike shorts under her dresses, but she really likes bloomers in the summer because she feels they’re cooler.  I had an old pattern for a pair of size 2 bloomers that I found at yard sale ages ago.  I don’t know what pattern they’re from – they just say “panty” on the piece.  I copied the shape and graded the sizes to fit with my size chart and included them with the Runaround Romper.  They can be sewn directly to the bodice and skirt for a romper or to a waistband and paired with the dress if your daughter prefers (I know my daughter doesn’t much care for rompers since she likes to user the restroom independently).

It’s been great to see a resurgence of this style in children’s fashion recently.  Several brands have been releasing short skirted rompers

Well Dressed Wolf  has a couple of different styles that inspired me.  I love that wide, vintage shoulder, so I incorporated it into my design.



Liboosha also has several mini dresses.  Those prints and the bodice shape in the front remind of my childhood in the 80’s.

Little Minis has had mini rompers around for a while.  There are several styles floating around Pinterest.  The more V shaped neck inspired my final neckline.


I love it when old is new again.  It allows me to marry my passion with something more modern.  My daughter, who’s approaching 8, is becoming more fashion conscious and it’s nice to make her something that she’ll wear and love.  The Runaround Romper fits the bill for her developing style which makes both of us very happy.

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