Inspiration: Lowrider

Now availailable here

I’ve been making my daughter this style of dress for years.  I love the look of double layered skirts and I love slip extenders that can be worn under tops or dresses to give a little extra length.  Lowrider gives the look of a layered skirt but has the versatility of being worn under anything in your closet.

This is an old Little Red Riding Hood costume I made for my daughter several years back.  You can read more about it here.  I made this one out of swiss dot so that it’s lightweight when layered.

I love how this pattern can have so many different looks based on fabric choice and many different varieties can be found all over pinterest.

inspo4This pretty blue version in Brocade from Nordstrom is perfect for a special occasion.

This pink dress from Zulily has a more casual feel made from knit.

inspo5Janie and Jack never disappoints with it’s vintage style.

Blu Pony Vintage has their Clara dress which can be purchased a size up to wear under their dresses or at the child’s size to hit at the knee.  I really loved how their two patterns looked layered and adapted the old pattern I’d drafted for my daughter’s costume to get a similar look.

This piece is already versatile, but I wanted to make it even more so.  So, I added an optional curved front and a tunic option and changed the skirt so that it’s two fully gathered pieces at the waist.  Plus it’s drafted to fit perfectly under the vintage length Every Which Way for a layered look without having to size up and have something too large layered underneath another piece.



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