Adjusting a Pattern: Using Every Which Way to Add Sleeves to Runaround

There have been many inquiries about adding sleeves to Duchess and Hare’s popular vintage style Runaround Romper and Dress pattern. The Runaround has a vintage fit through the shoulders and plenty of ease to facilitate dressing and attaching to the waist which is elasticized (no placket needed). It is possible to add sleeves to the bodice by decreasing Runaround’s shoulder width. This can easily be accomplished by using the Every Which Way pattern (8 sleeves included) to adjust the armscye.

swd IMG_8715 a c

This simple adjustment to Runaround using the Every Which Way pattern will give you many options to create some of the popular children’s wear silhouettes currently sought after.  A few short steps is all it takes!

What you need to get started:

  • Runaround front and back bodice pieces
  • Every Which Way front and back bodice pieces
  • pencil or marker


Step 1.   Print and tape the front and back bodice pieces of both patterns. Trim the Every Which Way bodice pieces.  Do not trim the Runaround bodice pieces yet.

AC IMG_0417


Step 2.   Place the EWW bodice over the corresponding Runaround bodice. Line it up at the point where the underarm and side seam meet as shown.



Step 3.   While keeping the underarm in position,  pivot the EWW pattern piece to align shoulders as shown. You may want to tape to hold in place.



Step 4.   Draw the new armscye curve using edge of EWW for a guide as shown below.

AC IMG_0412 red
AC IMG_0414 red


Step 5.   Cut your new Runaround bodice out and decide on which sleeve to use!

Every Which Way sleeve choices.

  • flutter
  • puffed
  • set in short
  • gathered short
  • set in 3/4
  • gathered 3/4
  • set in long
  • gathered long
  • flutter + a set in sleeve


NOTE: Center of Attention and Petit Four have sweet sleeves that can also be used with this pattern adjustment.

Every Which Way 3/4 length set in sleeve on adjusted Runaround.
Center of Attention sleeve on adjusted Runaround.
Petit Four’s Sweet little gathered sleeve.


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