Inspiration: Take a Bow and Cape Winslet

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Anyone who follows children’s clothing on Pinterest either knows the name Mischka Aoki or they’ve seen a dress designed by them.  Their dresses are the epitome of elegance.  I have several of their dresses pinned and have always been inspired by the brand’s beauty.


This beauty is my favorite piece of theirs.  I love it’s classic silhouette and the fabric.  I didn’t love the pleats.  So, I decided to do a gathered skirt instead.  I think it gives the whole dress a softer, more feminine feel.


As I was going through my inspiration photos, I noticed that a lot of them shared a similarity.  Apparently, I was really feeling the brocade fabric for this season.

So, having my silhouette and my fabric choices made, I went on to design the rest of the dress.  I knew I wanted it to be sleeveless.  My fabric choice wouldn’t lend itself well to sleeves.  With the gold dress as an inspiration, I chose to piece my bodice.  Piecing helps draw the eye and provide shaping to the design.  It also gives a fun way to play with fabrics if desired.


This dress I made for Project Run and Play‘s Signature week is one of my favorite things I’ve sewn so  I decided to incorporate the back design and side zipper into my final pattern.


I wanted to make the whole look a bit dressier than the piece I made for Project Run and Play so, when I saw this cute blue dress from Larrana and this glorious back bow modeled by Gwenyth Paltrow, I knew I had my final look figured out.



Sadly, it’s heading into a cooler season, even here in the Pacific Northwest, so I wanted to pair it with simple, and quick cover.  Capes are always elegant, but I wanted mine to be less traditional.


Blair Waldorf to the rescue!  I’m not sure who the original designer of this cape is, but it’s such a perfect wardrobe staple.  I’ll be making several more.



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