Get the Look: Vintage Style Pinafore with Every Which Way

Pinafores come in all manner of styles from simple utilitarian smock types to fancy (as in not meant to ever get dirty) pinny’s with lace, tucks, ruffles and flutters.  Over the decades pattern companies have churned out 100’s of variations. The pinafore is just as popular today and often the featured piece of an outfit.  Duchess and Hare has the Pretty Pinnie pattern that offers several vintage inspired options.

When I first saw the two bodices of Every Which Way I immediately thought about some vintage style pinafore/smock images from the 70’s and 90’s I had saved from Pinterest. The short bodice would work for the first two patterns and the long bodice for the last two.

Early 70’s button front pinafore size 3
70’s pinafore by Butterick size 12
A 90’s button front pinafore/smock
A 90’s button front pinafore/smock

Along with the Every Which Way dress, this button front style pinafore could be paired with the short or long sleeve version of Muttonchop. To get my look I used Lowrider with EWW’s short set in sleeve and the lower sleeve section from the Storybook Dress and Top.

Lowrider dress modified with sleeves added from Every Which Way and Storybook.

 I chose EWW’s vintage skirt length and adjusted the short square neck bodice front and the short round neck bodice back for the look I wanted.  Also, I liked how the two 90’s pinafores looked worn over the flutter sleeve dresses, so I decided to use EWW’s flutter.

Every Which Way dress modified to an open front pinafore.

A couple of simple pattern adjustment to the Every Which Way  bodice and a few changes in construction is all it takes to get the look.

Step 1.  Decide on bodice and skirt length based on the look and dress you want to pair the pinafore with.

Step 2.  Get ready to sew. Prepare bodice pattern pieces using the  Adjusting a Pattern: Changing a Back Closure to a Front Closure post.  Cut out fabric.

Step 3.  Sewing the bodice.  Sew the bodice and lining following Every Which Ways directions with the exception of the shoulder and side seamNote: Sew the button up front using directions for bodice back.

a-wearing-easeUse a 1/4″ inch seam allowance to allow for layering room (wearing ease).

Step 4.  Make front overlap.

IMG_0179-ac-half-inchOn each side of bodice front mark a 1/2 inch over from seam.

l-IMG_0178-acBegin sewing half inch up from bodice edge starting at the center front seam.

measure-and-sew-bottom-edge-of-bodiceTrim seams to reduce bulk.

Step 5.   Prepare skirt. Cut one skirt panel down the center for two front skirt pieces. Sew the fronts to the back skirt piece. Sew two rows of gathering stitches. Finish the center front edges of front skirt panels by pressing and folding to make a 3/4 to 1 inch band. Optional: Add interfacing and finish the center fronts as shown below.

center-front-interfacingCut two 1 1/4 inch strips of lightweight sew in interfacing.

b-press-1-inch-center-front-skirtMark an inch line from edge of center front. Fold wrong sides facing and press.

Sew interfacing to right side of center front using a 1/4 inch seam.With skirt panel right side up sew interfacing on with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Center FrontCenter front bands ready to be stitched.

Step 6.  Finish skirt.

h-trim-seam-bulk-before-hemming-text Press up desired hem amount and trim bulk as shown.

i-press-centerfront-over-hemI  like to hand sew the bottom and side edge of the band to the hem.

j-hand-sew-gapNow everything will stay in place when the hem and band are edge stitched.

k-Finished-view-center-front-and-hemSew center front bands and hem.

Step 7.   Attach bodice to skirt.

skirt-butt-up-against-button-overlapGather and pin right side of skirt to right side of bodice,
placing band edges against the end of seam from step 4.

o-bodice-lining with text Follow EWW’s directions to sew and enclose seam.

covered-kam-snapsAdd buttons or snaps.


IMG_0720 ac 72 2

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