Inspiration: Fluffernutter

Now available here.

Ruffles and flounces are huge this year.  Everywhere I go, I see ruffles and flounces on yokes, sleeves, and hems.  I still like to keep a vintage feel even when embracing trends, so I kept the idea floating around in my head while thinking of a good way to blend it with my brand.


Round yoke dresses like this one are the epitome of vintage design.  To me, nothing says vintage louder than this wide round yoke.  I’d been considering a similar style, but I wasn’t sure if it was too vintage for current children.

And then, I began seeing this dress from baby Gap popping up all over the place:  Pinterest, facebook, and PMs were flooded with it!  There it was!  That vintage wide round yoke I’d been considering was paired with a ruffle.

205dcc2cb9de0acbf8786ca2976fde4dSo, fluffernutter was born.

pinkfront.pngFluffernutter comes in both tunic and dress length.  Included with the pattern are ruffle shorties so that she can cartwheel, spin, and twirl to her heart’s content all spring and through the summer.

Plenty of ease, paired with shorts, means that she’ll be able to wear her fluffernutter until the nights start getting cold.

For construction, I consulted some vintage patterns to figure out the best way to put it all together.  The yoke is fully lined and all the seams are enclosed (except for side seams)  Thanks, vintage patterns for pointing me in the right direction!

A little about the name.  This dress and the shorts are full of ruffly, soft goodness.  Fluffy and ruffly.  When I was cutting out the pink top with the orange tabby, I was reminded of our cat.  He’s the softest, fluffiest cat I’ve met.  His nickname is fluffernutter.

Meet my baby peanut butter tabby.  He’s much bigger now, but he’s still as fluffy as can be.  His nickname became the name of this soft fluffy pattern so that you can wrap your daughter in marshmallow goodness.

ragnar 1

  • Green Dress Fabric:  Hawthorne Threads Parapluie – Au Printemps
  • Pattern:  Duchess and Hare Fluffernutter
  • Pink Tunic Fabric:  Heather Ross Tiger Lily – Marching Cats
  • Shoes:  Children’s Place

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