DIY Knotted Bows

These bows have been popping up all over the place!  They are EVERYWHERE!  The good news is that they’re super easy to sew.  The bad news is that they’re not so easy to tie.

Medium Bow 15″ x 4″

In the video below, I’ll show you how to tie (and probably fail a few times) one of these cute little bows!

You will need fabric scraps approximately 15″ x 4″, a glue gun, and alligator clips.

Dimensions are
Small Blue        13″ x 2″ (ignore the dimensions in the video)
Yellow               14″ x 4″
Medium Blue  15″ x 4″
Large Blue       16″ x 3″

Please drop by the facebook group and show your bows off! And don’t forget to check out the whole Farmer’s Market Collection in the Project Run and Play shop!

Medium bow 15″ x 4″
Medium bow made by Jennuine Design
Large bow made by Jennuine Design
  • Orange Dress Pattern – D’anjou by Duchess and Hare
  • Blue Gingham Dress Pattern – Off the Cuff by Duchess and Hare
  • Dress Fabric – Limonella by Blend and Tangerine Cotton Couture by Michael Miller
  • Pink and Red Bows – Made by Jennuine Design

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