Duchess and Hare prides itself on well crafted and designed sewing patterns. We offer a modern fit with a vintage style which is mostly inspired by the 40’s and 50’s. Each pattern has been designed as a spring board for your creativity. Clean lines and structure allow you to embellish with your choice of trims to make each piece uniquely yours. We have years of drafting, sewing, and design experience and every pattern has been thoroughly thought out from sketch to final product. We are confident that each pattern will provide you with a garment you can be proud to have your child wear. If you love our designs, please join us on facebook so that you can be sure to receive updates and design inspiration from other Duchess and Hare fans.

We occasionally offer special discounts to our instagram followers, so keep an eye out!

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  1. I cannot wait to print and start cutting out my first pattern from you. Nutcracker is adorable! It ticks almost every box on my granddaughters modest dressing needs (I’ll cut the skirts a bit longer to cover their knees). I love that you have multiple sizes. Our oldest is a size 7 for her height, but is a skinny little size 5 around. I’ve been making very simple t-shirt style dresses for them, but have been yearning to show off some real skills. This pattern is perfect for adding piping, inset pockets… you’ve awakened my creative juices!!!


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