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Measuring Basics

  Measuring may seem basic and it is, if you know where you're supposed to measure.  My patterns are drafted using the ASTM standards for a child's age/size and measure accordingly. When measuring, it's best to do so over snug clothing like a camisole and underpants or a tank top and leggings.  If you measure… Continue reading Measuring Basics


Inspiration: Pocketful of Sunshine

Pocketful of Sunshine can be purchased here. My daughter has decided she's too old for sailor dresses.  That is such a shame because she's always had one in her closet, which is why I wanted to design one.  Nothing beats a sailor dress for instant vintage style. I had a few different ideas kicking around… Continue reading Inspiration: Pocketful of Sunshine


Duchess & Hare Blog Tour: Day 1

Neva Couture sewed up TWO Petit Four dresses(buy here) for her daughters and I am in love with how they coordinate.  Using the same fabrics, but two different styles (The ruffle bodice and the scalloped bodice) she made perfectly coordinating dresses for her daughters without being matchy matchy. Check out her blog post here. Duchess… Continue reading Duchess & Hare Blog Tour: Day 1